Booze Reviews

Here you will find many Booze Reviews videos, from Beers, to wine, to spirits, to probably even cooking with booze!  So far this site is young so there are only a few here, but over time this area will be FILLED with great content! come back as much as you can and enjoy what we have to offer just for you!

  • Booze Reviews – Ep. 57 – Arrogant Bastard Ale

    Booze Reviews – Ep. 57 – Arr

    Hello Boozers, Today we have a little something special for you, it is a little arrogant... a little bit of...


  • Craft BeerAdvent Calendar 2014 – Day One

    Craft BeerAdvent Calendar 2014 – D

    December is here and so starts the Craft Beer Advent Calendar for 2014. It is a International Edition which means...


  • Booze Reviews – Ep. 56 – Dawn of the Red

    Booze Reviews – Ep. 56 – Daw

    We are back again, and it was PK's birthday and shortly before that was Halloween, so what would make for...


  • Booze Reviews – Ep. 52 – Banana Hammock

    Booze Reviews – Ep. 52 – Ban

    PK surprises Red and Johnny with a beer they have no idea what it is.  We also get our first...


  • Booze Reviews Ep. 51 – Nøgne ø – #500

    Booze Reviews Ep. 51 – Nøgne ø &

    Well this is quite the brewery, and we were getting quite drunk and or tipsy! With two of the beers...


  • Booze Reviews Ep. 50 – Nøgne Ø -Dark Horizon

    Booze Reviews Ep. 50 – Nøgne Ø -

    We continue our Nøgne Ø with the Dark Horizon and we have hit EPISODE 50!  Will Johnny Oldschool change his mind...


  • Booze Reviews Ep. 48 – Nogne o – Red Horizon

    Booze Reviews Ep. 48 – Nogne o 

    JOHNNY OLDSCHOOL is back in the studio with PK, so PK decided to pull out the good beers! Today we...


  • Booze Reviews – Ep. 47 – Flying Monkey’s The Chocolate manifesto

    Booze Reviews – Ep. 47 – Fly

    Well it may be a bit late past Easter, but PK has a nice TRIPLE Chocolate Stout. What does he...